My HeartBeat ^^

Saturday, January 9, 2010


All days before, I thought i knew who u really are.. But now I realize maybe i'm not really know u.. I can't read ur mind.. I dunno for what reasons u acts in that way.. Now I dunno whether I still care about that..

I thought i'm strong.. I thought I can fight the whole world to get what I want.. Now I realize i'm so weak.. I can't even get to touch it.. So what make I think that I can hold it in my hand...???

I thought I already get back the happiness that I've missing before.. I thought I will never lose it anymore.. I thought it will be mine forever.. Now I can't feel that happiness again.. It have disappear for once again.. So tell me whether it's really created for me?? Is it really destiny to be mine??

Maybe I am thinking a lot.. I am dreaming a lot.. I am hoping a lot.. The truth is happiness will never last forever.. There's alwayz be an obstacles for us.. Am I willing to give up all my dreams?? all my hoping and happiness??


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