My HeartBeat ^^

Monday, February 25, 2013

right or wrong

salam and good morning...
now i'm on my way to office but like other typical monday morning its usual to get stuck in jam..

regarding the title its actually about the decision i've take.. from yesterday i keep wondering whether i have take a right decision or not.. my sis make me feel like this.. she suggest something good for me
but i rejected it becoz i want to believe in what i'm doing right now.. but then i wonder whether its really is good or not.. i really hope this is the best for me.. maybe i will wait for a while to see what is the outcome.. if its still not good i promise i will quit and find the better choice.. at least give me one year more..

ahhhh today should be the day i release the paycheque.. and also the tension day coz my boss will ask so many questions then why still many payment not coming.. ahhh jz got whatsapp from him said he on mc today.. its a first time he said he on mc.. rest well boss..

my boss.. i think he is the best boss i will ever have.. of coz when he is not in bad mood.. lol.. he knew how to treat us like a friends and family.. especially out of working hours. thats why we dont mind spending extra time in the office i guess.. its always feel like a second home to us.. i always feel like they are all my own brothers..

Thats all.. Got to start working now.. Adios ^^

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1st day working..

gud morning.. sekarang tengah duduk kt bas stand tunggu my officemate to pick me up.. alkisahnya hari ni my friend's car rosak plus she  is not feeling really well.. so aku kena pergi ofis naik bas la.. that is not the problem.. the problem is bas ni benti jauh gila dari ofis.. kalau naik kereta
actually dekat je.. tapi kalau nak menapak tu la berat sikit.. so minta tolong my officemate amek kat sini.. nasib baik juga hari ni hujan so dia bawa kereta la hari ni.. huhuhu

before this pernah gak minta taxi hantar.. memang the best la aku duduk tak sampai 5 minit tapi kena ketuk sampai 7 hengget.. suke2 ati je.. bukan kena pakai meter ke naik cab.. sengal punya orang..

ni post blog ni saje je nak habiskan masa kt sini.. lambat g kot budak ni baru sampai.. huuu kerja mesti melambak bila dah cuti lama ni.. boss bila la nak ambil assistant sorang untuk aku.. rase dah tak cukup tangan nak buat kerja semua..

huhu ok la bye~

Monday, February 11, 2013

Start Blogging Again..???

Check again when my last post entry, I got shocked coz it the same date with today but in last year. So it's officially one year right.. Haha what a coincidence...

Its been a long time that i've left this page. Where I'm going actually??? I think in that time I'm busy with my final year study and then busy with my new career life.. And now i'm still busy with my career life.. Bak kata orang, kerja sampai bila pun tak habis...

But i'm happy with my life today.. Even so many things have changes.. I just feel thankful that time also have change and heal my heart.. Now I believe that time really can heal my bleeding heart.. Maybe becoz i dont have many time to think about other thing except my work.. its nice actually...

Lagi satu yg berubah ialah dah ramai kawan2 yg dah kahwin.. Even my two close friends, and one more in next month.. Gonna miss hangout with them.. Yang pasti aku memang lambat lagi.. Still mencari calon.. hehe
There's someone in my heart, but i just dont think he will be the one.. He's too good for me.. Kenapa la aku selalu jatuh hati dgn orang yg bukan untuk aku... I guess I can just wait for Allah to send 'Him' for me :)