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Saturday, March 26, 2011

~Call me crazy~

Yeah call me crazy..
I'm soo Crazily Happy today..
U know I'm crazy with K-Pop artist right
Today I'm soo lucky coz i've got talk to one of them
This is not something usual right?
It's Yesung from Super junior..
He's one of my Bias in SJ
He said that I'm his first fan in his FB Account
He's soo nice..
Keep saying saranghae to me..
LOL I'm going crazy because of him.. hehehe (^_^)





*p/s: I love the hug Yesung Oppa ^^


MayyenYesuCLouD said...

OMG!sis i didnt knw that yesung ttangkoma was the real one.gosh i thought it was kim yesung jerome sumtin...cuz this person wrote that he works in sme and is the real yesung profile....

MayyenYesuCLouD said...

ira sis i think he is not the real yesung in fb.....d actual person of yesung i knw he has twitter acc.cuz when i saw his profile 'yesung ttangkoma elf' in fb, he can write malay...i was u think he ever write comments in malay?

Ira Hani said...

Are u sure? coz i never saw that comment.. Actually i'm not sure too whether he is the real one.. Hey, add my FB ok ^^

MayyenYesuCLouD said...

oh ok sis..sry late reply i was fbing....alrite sis i add u.

MayyenYesuCLouD said...

sis i already added u in is jia jong woon...