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Friday, February 19, 2010

'No words'

Erm what's the title?? haha.. Actually I just can't find a right words for the title.. Do you agree that sometimes one thing happened can change the whole of your life? Erm maybe the way u think, the way u act or maybe the way u live your life... Maybe.. if it is really a big thing i guess.. For me, all things alwayz change.. Of cos your heart can change too.. it just a matter of time.. Time alwayz change life and also change the world.. So we have to move on and follow the time..

Actually i'm thinking to leave this blogging world, facebooking and the whole internet things.. Maybe I should stay put with my study.. I want to find a lil bit peace and also stay undercover.. It just that.. nothing seems interesting for me here.. I've lost interest with this world.. I just want to stay in a real world.. I'm out from the fantasy world.. I'm done dreaming.. There's so much things waiting for me in the real world..

I've a very nightmare in this two nights.. I dont know why i have it.. It's been a long time since i had a nightmare before.. Such a scary dreams.. Hope not for tonight.. hehe.. Ok maybe i'll still be here till the end of month.. so there's still a time for me to say farewell.. see you :)

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