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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Starting a New Fresh :)

It's feel good to back at home.. Besides, this will be a long, long time to go.. Hope everything will be fine.. I'm happy seeing someone has change a lot, to be a better person.. That's why I'm happy being here now.. At least I have them whose alwayz make me laugh..

In a time like this I wish I can meet with someone.. I jz want to see his smile.. Sometimes I wonder if he have a magic, cause he alwayz can melting my heart with his smile.. I can forget all my sadness because of him.. It's been a long time since I met him.. And maybe I have no chance to meet him again after this.. or maybe I can for once.. I know that day will come when he have to back here again :)

And the most important thing right now is my practical training.. It will be starting soon.. I feel a lil bit scare and nervous cause I dunno how it will be going.. I jz can hope everything is good.. And hope to see a new peoples coming into my life..

Owh I almost forgot, I'll meet someone special this monday.. Someone that I missing so much.. It's feel like a dreamz.. I hope this really can become a reality coz I mizz u damn much :)

And for one of my bestfriend, M.. I hope u'll find a new hope to through this world with courage and be much more stronger.. I know it will be hard.. That's what we call LIFE.. Like F said, Life is alwayz a hard things.. No matter what, we still can bear it.. As long as we know there's still many people loving and counting on us.. Be strong Dear :)

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