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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The best day of my life :)

Today such a happiest day that happened in my life recently. Thank God my bro back early from work, so I asked him to send me to Giant, Manjung coz I want to meet with someone special.. Suddenly I remember, back to my school time, I always get jealous with my friends who’ve got their brother taking them from school. At that time, I really wish that I also get a brother.. huhu.. But now all my lil bro is big enough to help me too. So I’m glad I have them..

When arrived at Giant, I look around to find that person. Yes, I saw that person standing in front of KFC.. Siti Farizahani.. I really happy to see her coz I miz her damn much.. It’s been 2 years since the last time I saw her.. We’ve talked and talked all the things that happened to us.. But we just have a lil time to meet. I hope I can meet u again Dear in future… Hope u arrive safely to Johor..

After that I follow my mom to shop for raya.. I rarely go shopping with my mom. So, its feel good to have some time with her.. Yeah we will celebrate AidilAdha on Wednesday.. I hope this year we still have “meriah raya” like usual.. Besides, all my cousin will be back, even my sis can’t do that.. They already promised to have a BBQ like we always does.. I already can picture that nite.. hehe.. And I know like usual, I’ll be the photographer.. it’s ok, I like it :)


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