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Friday, November 11, 2011



So, is it anything good or interesting happened to u today???
Want to know what I'm doing today...

This morning like usual, when I'm at home
I'll be the one to....
 "kemas rumah"

Then I've helped my mom to...

cook obviously ^^

I also.... 

Cut my hair today
I mean just a lil bit 
I just cut it by myself.. xD

And most of the day
This is what I really doing...

Just stick with my netbook
U should know doing what right... LOL

So I don't think today is a very nice day for me..
It just a usual day like yesterday.. hahaha

But I want to congratz my schoolmate who's..

 getting married today
I mean 'Nikah' today..
She'll getting married tomorrow..
Congratz to Suzliana and her hubby Mr.Hafiz :)

So maybe it does have sweet meaning for some people right..
Just not me maybe.. LOL

Erm this is what I'm going to do afer this..

Have my sleeping beauty 
And wait for my Prince Charming in my dreamland.. 
LOL.. Adios ^^

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