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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I suddenly remember my dream last weekend.. Just want to ask, is there anybody ever got in the same situation as me..

The thing is last weekend i got a very nice dream. What happen in that dream is really my real dream too. I'm very happy because i got a chance to feel that kind of feeling. But the sad thing is even in my dream i already feel like it definitely wont happen in real life.. Even in my dream, i already know that it is only a dream and i really hope i wont woke up too fast.. Then after i wake up, yeah its only a dream... So sad right? hukhuk...

In life, we cant have all the things that we want.. Maybe just Allah know what we really need and that is what He give us, not what we want... Syukur lah.. At least dapat juga rasa even just dalam mimpi.. Simpan dalam ingatan dan hati je..

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