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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spamming My Loves' Pics xD

1. Kim Jonghyun (SHINee)


Lead vocal of SHINee.. What I really Love about him is his beautiful voice.. The best singer ever.. And of course his adorable look :))

2. Jang Hyunseung (Beast)


Prince Jang - Best singer and dancer, 4D boy, cute, adorable.. Just Love him :))

3. Yong Junhyung (Beast)




That's our Joker - The hottest guy, best rapper and dancer, and so handsome right.. LOL :))

4. Kim Kibum or Key (SHINee)


SHINee's singer and rapper.. I Love him coz he's alwayz stand on what he believes, alwayz caring for the others, nice guy, adorable.. He just differences from other guys.. He's the best :))

And what i like is they are bestfriend in their group..

Jongkey (SHINee)


JunSeung (Beast)



This is The Love of My Life for the time being.. LOL :))

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